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baftas 19Nov 2019 Bafta Awards
Current Affairs
BBC Disclosure:Who Killed Emma?
Specialist Factual
STV Productions:Yes No Inside the Indyref

Current and Recent Projects

Cruising With Susan Calman - CH5 (Series 1)
The Adventure Show (BBC - 18 series)
Panorama - Afghanastan: Country On The Brink - BBC1
Introducing Arts - BBC1 (4 part Series)
Unreported World - ITN for CH4
In Tandem The Neil Fachie Story BBC Scotland

Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard (6 part series BBC2)

Stairway 13 - Disclosure (BBC1)
Pride of Scotland (STV)
A deadly trade - Disclosure (BBC1)

Mo Farah and the Salazar Scandal - Panorama (BBC1)
Doddie Weir -  One More Try (BBC1, BBC Scotland & BBC 4)
The Prince & the Epstein Scndal - Panorama (BBC1)
Disclosure -  The great Equal Pay scandal (BBC 1)
Spotlight on the Troubles - A secret History (BBC 1 & BBC 4)
Manchester International Festival - Welcome to the World (BBC2)
Disclosure - Under The Skin (BBC1)
Panorama - Salmon Farming Exposed (BBC1)
Panorama - The $10 Billion Energy Scandal (BBC1)
Disclosure & Panorama - Who Killed Emma ? (BBC1 & BBC Scotland)
Yes No Inside The Indyref BBC Scotland, BBC 1 & STV )
The Lockerbie Legacy (BBC1, BBC 2 & BBC4 )
Panorama - Trapped By My Mortgage (BBC1)
Panorama – Catfish The Billion Dollar Romance Scandal (BBC1)
Panorama Britain's Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed (BBC1)
BBC Panorama Britain's Offshore Secrets Exposed– BBCpanorama  - Grenfell Tower - Who Is To Blame?  (BBC1)

Spotlight  - Rape on Trial 1x60 (BBC1)
Panorama  - Last chance for Justice 1x30 (BBC1)
Isaly - For those in Peril  1x30 (BBC1)
Panorama  - Bankrupt Millionaires exposed 1x30 (BBC1)
Panorama  - Paradise Papers 
- Britain's Offshore Secrets Exposed 1x30 & 1 x60 (BBC1)
Scotland's President - Donald Trump 1 x60 (BBC1)
Panorama  - Grenfell Tower - Britain's Shame  (BBC1)
Nina Conti's Edinburgh Festival - (BBC2, 1 x30)
Edinburgh Tattoo (BBC1)
Life Moments (STV,  3 x 30)
Panorama - Life In Immigration Town (BBC, 1 x30)

Judicial Institue Scotland - training Videos
Trust Me I'm A Doctor (BBC1)
Deadliest Place to Deal (BBC1 & BBC3 x60)

The Military Charity Scandal (BBC 1 x30)

Timeshare Time bomb (BBC 1 x30)
Panorama - Rolls-Royce (BBC 1 x30)

Panorama - Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failures (BBC 1 x30)
Deep Time- Opening event Edinburgh International Festival 2016
Panorama - Orlando Nightclub Massacre (BBC 1 x30)
Panorama - Seb Coe & the Corruption Scandal (BBC 1 x30)
The Truth About Meat (BBC1, 3 x 60)
Scotland: At The Edge of Europe (BBC 1 x30) - Europe Referendum
Panorama - Brirain's Puppy Dealers Exposed (BBC 1 x30)
Panorama - Panama Tax Havens Exposed (BBC 1 x30)

Panorama - Too Poor to Keep Warm (BBC 1 x30)
The Fight of Gordon's Life (BBC 1 x 30)

Car Sick (BBC 1 x 30)
Panorama - How Hackers Steal Your Information (BBC1 x 30)
The Rise of Violence in Women (BBC 3 x 60)
The Deadly World Of Legal Highs (BBC 1 x 60)
Panorama - Trouble at the Post Office (BBC 1 x 30)
Edinburgh Nights (BBC 3 x 30)
In his Own Words - Sean Connery (BBC 1 x 60)
The Spirit of Edradour (Feature)
The Rise of The SNP - (BBC 1 x 60)
The War Over Fracking - (BBC 1 x 30)
Panorama – The Great Housing Benefit Scandal (BBC 1 x 30)
Panorama – The Bank of Tax Cheats (BBC 1 x 30)

Hayman’s Way - Series 2 (STV 6 x 30)
Imagining Ulster – Three part series (RTÉ / BBC 3 x60)
Panorama - Apple's Broken Promises (BBC 1 x 60)
Being James Galway- (RTÉ / BBC 1 x 60)
Somerset: After the Floods (BBC 1 x 60)x 60
Mind The Gap - Two part series with Evan Davis (BBC 2 )
Welcome to Our World – Documentary on Immigration (BBC 1 x60)
Digging For Britain Series 3 (BBC4 6 x 60)
Nicola Benedetti's Indian Serenade (BBC2 1 x30)
Lost Sheep – Short Film (Indie)
Finding Family - Indie Feature (Bafta winner 2014)
Britain's Most Dangerous Songs: Listen to the Banned (BBC4 2 x60)
The One show (BBC numerous items on Science & the Arts)

Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard (6 part series BBC2)