Grading provides the defining look of a project. When it comes to grading there are a few things to remember. There is colour correction and there is grading. Essentially, software like Avid, FCP and Premiere all allow a degree of color correction but essentially this is applied to the whole image. With grading the image can be divided up using very complex masks and shapes to allow individual aspects of the image to be corrected separately. The complexity and power of the grading application allows more or less of these features to run in real-time. On a grading system you can, for example, change the colour of someone’s eyes, whilst at the same time adjusting the colour of the sky and adding a vignette to the whole image. All in one go.

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If you require assistance with any grading issues please do not hesitate to contact us, advice is freely given. we want to ensure that you achieve the results you want within your budget.

We can help make your project look as good as it can, with a variety of systems and more importantly talented colourists on hand to optimise the looks of your project and get the most for your budget.

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