At JAe, we offer comprehensive programme delivery solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether it's delivering content for online platforms like YouTube, cinematic releases, or broadcast programmes adhering to the AS-11 standard. Our commitment to technical excellence ensures that every project we handle is thoroughly reviewed and adheres to the current broadcast standards.

Our Programme Delivery Services Include

Technical and Broadcast Standards Reviews

All programmes undergo rigorous technical reviews to ensure compliance with the current technical guidelines common to all UK broadcasters.
We offer AQC (Automated Quality Control) and PSE (Photo Sensitive Epilepsy) checks for files and even tape-based delivery requirements, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Files And Tape Based Delivery Requirements

We offer flexible delivery options to suit your project's specific requirements.
For digital file delivery, we adhere to the latest DPP (Digital Production Partnership) file delivery standards, ensuring compatibility with with all UK, EBu and USA broadcasters.

Versatile Programme Delivery

Online Content

Whether it's a short video for YouTube or content for online platforms like Amazon or Netflix, we handle the delivery to meet the specifications of the respective platforms.


Cinematic Releases

For projects intended for the big screen, we ensure that your content is prepared for cinematic exhibition, meeting the highest quality standards for the cinema experience.


Transparent and Agreed Pricing

We provide clear, upfront pricing for our programme delivery services. Your project's specific requirements and delivery format are agreed upon and quoted at the outset, ensuring transparency and predictability.

Get in Touch

Whether your project is a short YouTube video, a cinematic masterpiece, or a broadcast programme, JAe is your trusted partner for seamless, high-quality programme delivery. Contact us today to discuss your delivery needs and experience the convenience and reliability of our delivery services.